Perkara ini tidak boleh diambil mudah, kerana ianya boleh membahayakan bayi itu sendiri, di atas kesan-kesan kecederaan otak atau organ dalaman.

Sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, tidur bersama anak anda di bawah terutama apabila anak sudah pandai bergolek, merangkak dan bergerak.

Sesetengah bayi mampu bergolek seawal 4 ke 5 bulan, perhatikan anak anda!Melihat anak sudah pandai membuat/menguasai sesuatu yang baharu merupakan kebahagian bagi setiap ibu-bapa, namun keselamatan mereka sangat penting dan tidak boleh diambil mudah.

Sekiranya anak anda terjatuh dari katil, perhatikan tanda-tanda dibawah terutamanya dalam 24 jam pertama.

More info dan gambar contoh boleh dilihat di sini:

1. Pengsan selepas terjatuh

2. Darah / cecair jernih keluar dari hidung/telinga selepas terjatuh

3. Muntah

4. Anak tidak aktif seperti biasa

5. Tarik atau sawan

6. Lebam pada bahagian belakang telinga

7. Perubahan fizikal : muka herot ketika menangis, lemah bahagian anggota badan seperti tangan atau kaki

8. Tidak stabil semasa berjalan

Bawalah mereka ke hospital/mendapatkan rawatan pakar kanak-kanak terutamanya bagi pemeriksaan lanjut!

Bolehkah anak saya turun sendiri dari katil dengan selamat?

Jawapannya BOLEH!

Nanti saya kongsikan lagi tekniknya, Selamat Malam!



  1. Yet another blog that helps stating the obvious. There are just too many versions of this same information. Your posts are either too ancient or too mainstream.

    I don’t see you crediting anyone/websites/books and I don’t see you outlining your certification in health studies. Please do so because I need to know who I’m trusting for my children’s well being.

    • Hi

      We are here to share information about kids, kids’ health, tips, and parenting for free based on our own experiences / others and our survey & research.

      Any enquiry – Email:

      If you’re looking for information that can be trusted about Kids & Health and free of “doctor speak,” you’ve come to the right place.

      Kids And Health by Durruz Azam is the web for information about health, behavior, and development from baby through the teen years.

      We cannot take the place of an in-person visit with a doctor, who can perform examinations and etc. But we can provide reliable and unbiased information to help you and your family pursue good health and wellness for a lifetime.

      Kids And Health By Durruz Azam is more than just the facts about health. Kids And Health also provides families with perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens.

      To do this, all Kids’ Health articles / content go through a rigorous medical review by pediatricians and other medical experts.

      We love kids too!

      • I am totally aware of what this blog is all about, stating the obvious things.
        I need to know what is/are your qualification(s), even if you
        are not a medical practitioner, I want to know who actually reviewed
        the contents of your articles because these articles are just like copy
        pasted articles!I tried to search on more information about you, nothing
        came out. Nothing, as in nothing from the health and medical field. In you reply,
        you addressed yourself as “we” instead of “I”. Is Durruz Azam a person or
        a group of self-proclaimed experts?

      • I see that you have deleted my previous comment. That is very RUDE! What’s the matter? Are you afraid of your own shadow? But nevermind, by doing that, you have actually given me the answer.
        You think by naming your blog the way you did and trying hard to make your words sound professional, you could fool everyone into believing you?
        There are just too many jokers like you nowadays. You write craps, copy paste things, advertise yourself, collect like and spam people’s pages. Pathetic!
        I don’t know if you really are a mother like you claimed to be. Even if you are, you should be ashamed of yourself! Without professional qualification, you are spreading your so called “TIPS” to people for them to apply to their children. I am a mother and I will never do that to a child. Are you going to be responsible if anything happens to them? I bet not, because from the way you handled my query, you seem to be the type of person who runs away from problem.
        My word of advice, don’t let your children find out what you just did. We as parents don’t want to raise them to be rude, don’t we?

      • Assalamualaikum and hi.

        Just to point out ur concern, which is true i dont have any medical cert.

        Im pursuing master in Early Childhood Education at one of local university. And of course, i cant claim anything on that too…

        And im just a mother who loves to share her own experiences.

        A person like me who has a little sister with bad asthma, 3 times icu and went thru a lot of things beside asthma, dislegsia and etc..cousin with austisme problem and a daughter with health problem sepanjang tahun pertama kelahiran…

        A person like me is a person that wouldn’t want to hurt other kids and dont even want to see them getting hurt or went thru the same things people around me does.

        The detailed background is too privacy and hurt me if i were to think or to tell of it this much. I hope u can understand my feeling as well.

        Regarding health issue, I do consult with my friends-doctor and my daughter’s paed if my articel concerns kids health.

        I hope this email can clear things up about me and we can end it here. I do wish happiness and good health to u and ur family. In sha Allah.


  2. Wa’alaikumsalam.
    So not a certified health practitioner, not yet a post graduate in social studies, just a mother sharing experiences. To summarize, you’re a blogger.

    You call those posts “sharing”? Do you read your own blog? You must think you are the only mother in this world who shares about their parenting experiences.When people share, they tell stories. They don’t INSTRUCT people what to do.Your blog is full of instructions! That you are not qualified to give.Your sources are never referenced or even mentioned. You are basically preaching other people’s intelectual property without them knowing. That is stealing.

    There’s no need to outline your sad little life story to me in order to justify your actions.You think everybody else lives an easy life?

    Just as well, I want to end this too. I’ve been wasting too much of my time entertaining a joker.Thank you for answering me.But I think you still owe others this explanation.They too deserve to know that you tell your stories in the form of “professional” instructions.

    Good job replying to me in my email as though you come in peace but also post it here. What are you trying to prove? Let’s see if you are brave enough to approve this one too. I don’t get why you lock your feedbacks. Don’t publish a blog if you are afraid of negative feedbacks.

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